Nikki  Pelley USA


Stuntwoman, Actress, Singer  and Costume Designer
      Nikki Pelley USA. There are two Nikki Pelley's. Cowgirl Nikki Pelley is not from Ireland. Cowgirl Nikki Pelley is Nikki Pelley USA.  Now to confuse things even further, Nikki is the storyteller at the Irish Fair in Irvine, CA.
     Nikki was born with her hat, boots and spurs on. She began life as a Cowgirl, insisting on the Golden book "Brave Cowboy Bill" , dressing in her cowgirl attire and making her parents stop at every horse in a pasture. She got her first horse at age 12 having entered her first rodeo at age 11, and has been riding ever since. She showed horses, galloped horses at the racetrack, entered rodeos, worked in movies, performed in live stunt shows and parades.      
     Nikki was hired to portray Dale Evans in the Wild West Show, "Tribute to Roy Rogers". She then began working with the Roy Rogers look alike, Bill Nolt, at several events.  Nikki portrays other characters including the TV version of Annie Oakley. Nikki has also portrayed Calamity Jane, Minnie Pearl, and Cattle Kate.  Nikki is best known for the invention of the rodeo game, "Championship Rodeo Circuit". Nikki has judged many  rodeo queen pageants including the  Miss Rodeo California pageant, twice.   
          Nikki lends herself to many charity fund raisers as a  Celebrity Guest in such as Ben Johnson Rodeos, Irlene Mandrell Sporting Clay Shooting Events, Sportsmen Against Hunger in Oklahoma, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Celebrity Golf Tournament, Dean Smith's Rodeo Tribute to John Wayne in Amarillo TX, and the Pike's Peak Celebrity Rodeo and Golf Tournament.
      Nikki has worked on over one hundred films including The Shooter when Randy Travis shoots her and currently can be seen trick roping in a Durazone commercial. Nikki has been an actress,  horse  wrangler, stunt woman, and costume designer.  See pelley.  She has appeared in many wild west shows, Renaissance games  and  stunt shows in Southern California and Nevada.
      Nikki Sings!  
Nikki has recently recorded a song entitled, "I Fell into T Rex Dinosaur Pit",
 which appeals to the younger set and is available for download on

Take a look at some of her videos on you tube: 
Wipe out

Wild West Show OC Fair

Watermelon Festival

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